Dayle Angus

Dayle Abeje Angus, 27, is the owner and designer behind the House of Abeje (HOA) design company and the brand LINKAGE.

Company: House of Abeje

Dayle has always had a taste for culture fueled by her multicultural background; her father of Jamaican heritage and her mother, a Tobagonian. She pushes to bring diversity to fashion through design and after she gained her BA in Fashion Design at Marymount University in Arlington, Virginia Dayle created HOA which is a byproduct of her love for Caribbean culture.

Dayle’s style ranges between edgy and classic, with attention paid to comfort and details. She loves to work with asymmetry and also mixing different fabrics together to create a look.

Dayle has worked in various areas of the industry and most recently opened her own designer boutique under the name House of Abeje in Tobago and has released her 2018 collection Mesh Lyfe under the LINKAGE brand. Since then she has released two other collections including her latest instalment ÒKÙNKÙN that she released at New York Fashion Week, September 2019. She worked with Brian Macfarlane in his 2017 contribution of Cazabon: The Art of Living, her section being Gang Gang Sarah and Tom. Dayle also released her 2017 collection Et. Al. under the brand name LINKAGE at the Tobago Fashion Coda 2017 instalment.